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Elderly woman is carving a pumpkin with Callou

Caillou’s Carving Fun – Coloring Sheet

Halloween list of Caillou clothing items costume

Caillou Halloween Fun: DIY Caillou Costume

Halloween list of Rosie clothing items costume

Caillou Halloween Fun: DIY Rosie Costume

A step-by-step list of how to carve a pumpkin in the likeness of Caillou

Caillou Halloween Fun: Pumpkin Carving Template

Caillou dressed in a police uniform

Caillou Policeman – Halloween Coloring Sheet

Caillou dressed in a dino costume

Caillou’s Dino Fun – Halloween Coloring Sheet

Grandpa, grandma and Caillou trick-or-treating

Caillou’s Trick or Treat Fun – Halloween Coloring Sheet

A card template with words 'I love my teacher because..."

Celebrate World Teacher’s Day – Printable Caillou Card

Caillou is sitting on a floor with a colouring book and crayons in both hands

Caillou’s Indoor Fun – Coloring Sheet!