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🔵 Caillou Celebrates National Bubble Bath Day! 🔵

🔵 Caillou Celebrates National Bubble Bath Day! 🔵 post image

It’s National Bubble Bath Day and what better way to celebrate than with a roundup of our favorite bath time accessories!


Caillou Bath Time with You Playset

Make bath time a fun learning adventure with Caillou. Caillou Bath time with You is a fun and interactive bath time playset for children 12 months and older. Attach the set to your shower wall using suction cups and watch your little one enjoy many different water activities:

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Caillou Bath Time Bundle

Get Ready for Fun in the Tub! Caillou’s Bath Time Bundle is ideal for the littlest of Caillou fans! Join Caillou, the inquisitive four-year-old from the award winning series, as he discovers how his insect friends get all clean – just like kids. Caillou inspires preschoolers to grow emotionally and explore the world around them, as he goes through life’s fun adventures.

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Caillou Bathtime Vehicle

Bring Caillou fun to the bathtub or pool with the Caillou Bath Time Vehicle. This bath time wind-up vehicle with underwater motor includes 2 figures: Caillou and Gilbert! Recommend for ages 24 months and older, Caillou’s Bath Time Vehicle stimulates the imagination, fine motor skills and is guaranteed bath time fun!

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Caillou Bubble Bath

What better way to compliment your Caillou bath toys than with Caillou Bubble Bath! This bubble bath for kids of all ages is the perfect tear-free formula to create the big, long-lasting bubbles your little ones will enjoy! Bath time just become bubble-the fun!

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