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Caillou Launches New Personalized Books for Preschoolers!

Caillou Launches New Personalized Books for Preschoolers! post image

We’re excited to announce the first ever personalized Caillou books! These special Caillou books can be personalized with your child’s name, photo, and a special dedication on Put Me In The Story.

In Caillou: I Love You your child joins Caillou as he discovers the many different ways we can show love to one another. You’ll even find the song Mommy sings to Caillou, personalized with your child’s name for you to sing to them!

Caillou, my little one,
I will always love you.
And you will always be Caillou,
my little one.

Caillou: Good Night helps make bedtime a little sweeter. It’s perfect to read with little ones who have trouble falling asleep on their own! Caillou helps your child learn how to comfort themselves when they are afraid, and reassure them that they’re never alone.

Be sure to check out these brand new personalized Caillou storybooks at!

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